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Hepatitis B or C which are more virulent in this part of the world have no known cure but can be treated here with these:

Suspension or capsule winniecure to be taken for 6 months:

Suspension Hepcidal 30ml is taken two times daily for 2 – 3 months after meal.

Anti trauma cream or solution: apply on chest area many times as necessary if there is pain at the chest.

ANTI-HEPATITIS: 30ml is taken two times daily for 2months after meal.

Note: That some of our products are not labelled as they are categorised as “Nigerian Traditional Medicine”

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Anti Hepatitis B Suspension

Sales price: 2000,00 ₦

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Anti Trauma Cream

Sales price: 3000,00 ₦

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Hepcidal Suspension

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Winnie Cure Suspension

Sales price: 10000,00 ₦

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Winniecure Capsule

Sales price: 12000,00 ₦

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